AntySpam plugin (ver. 1.0.2 alpha for Microsoft Outlook 2007)
AntySpam plugin (ver. and 2.0.8 for Microsoft Outlook 2010) in two version for 32bit(anyCpu) and 64bit(or 64bit Cpu) windows system
description of the project is on 
in release v.2.0.5 and later (instruction install certificate this add-in before install addin)//without certyficate addin doesn't work correctly on standard account
1. add-in -> setup.exe
2. install certyficate
a) double click on AntySpam.pfx (>= v. AntySpamOutlook2010_TemporaryKey.pfx)
b) in creator click "next" button
c) again "next"
d) enter password "AntySpam" (check-box rest default, not choose) and click "next"
e) choose destination store "Personal" and "next" button
f) click "done" (after display messagebox "successful import")

Project based on article written under CPOL license


Recomment change originally for this addin (JunkOptions in MS Office)

Plugin settings (after click in main menu in Outlook "AntySpam/AntySpam Settings") 
antyspamplugint2007.jpg antySpamOutlook2010.jpg
In releases v.1.0.2 and v.2.0.2 and later (adding safe mail sender and domain)
(plugin not using exceptions "mail safe sender and domain" from microsoft outlook originally settings!)
In relases v.2.0.8 and later (adding import and export safe sender list to text file)//senders email and domain separte new line example bellow

In relases v.2.0.3 and later (adding: optionally choosed destination folder (spam detect))
v203.JPG v203_choosedFolder.JPG

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IKraus Sep 30, 2011 at 8:07 PM 
Outlook 2010 on my machine (Win7, 64-bit) now insists this must be disabled upon start-up. I did make sure I was using the latest download with no improvement. Has anyone else run into this issue?